MTG Collection Builder

MTG Collection Builder


    2022-09-08 (v0.45.3)

    • Allowed Edit Cards page to render 500 search results (instead of 50).

    2022-08-10 (v0.45.2)

    • Fixed issue with image warping when using the cards per row slider via clicking.

    2022-08-06 (v0.45.1)

    • Fix bugs with performing searches mid-pagination.
    • Improve loading state for slow pagination (collections filtered by quantity)
    • Improve image loading animations.

    2022-07-22 (v0.45.0)

    • Added deep linking of searches -- you can share any search with friends by copying the URL! It now updates as you search.
    • Added a reset search button to the bottom of each search form.
    • Made view subject, view mode, and price preference sticky per user device.

    2022-07-19 (v0.44.0)

    • Made a bunch of settings saved to your device -- number of cards per row, card sizes, cards per page, sets per page, and more!
    • Changed the default number of cards from 4 to 5 -- it looked too zoomed in.

    2022-07-16 (v0.43.0)

    • Added pagination to bottom of pages (along with a "back to top" button.)

    2022-07-14 (v0.42.1)

    • Fixed a bug that caused the card gallery to fully reset when a card quantity was updated.

    2022-07-12 (v0.42.0)

    • Added filters and sorting for cards at the root-level collection page. (These were previously only available within a set page.)

    2022-07-10 (v0.41.0)

    • Added louder success pop-up when a card is updated outside the Edit Cards page.
    • Added error pop-ups if card updating fails due to an API outage.

    2022-07-04 (v0.40.0)

    • Improved loading states / added image placeholders / reduced layout shift.
    • Added prefetching logic so the next page in pagination is fetched in advance.
    • Made set icons clickable to enter set pages.

    2022-06-22 (v0.39.4)

    • Improved caching behavior for collection updates.

    2022-06-21 (v0.39.3)

    • Fixed broken Buy links on mobile Safari.

    2022-06-20 (v0.39.2)

    • Fixed scrolling bug on MacOS Safari.

    2022-06-19 (v0.39.1)

    • Added expansion-level filters and sorting for cards.
    • New filtering options:
      • Quantity (All) - Foils and non-foils between any quantities you set.
      • Quantity (Normal) - Non-foils between any quantities you set.
      • Quantity (Foil) - Traditional foils in any quantities you set.
    • New sorting options:
      • Quantity (All)
      • Quantity (Normal)
      • Quantity (Foil)
    • Fixed a bug where expansion-level searches were broken.

    2022-05-30 (v0.38.0)

    • Added collection set filters and sorting.
    • New filtering options:
      • All - Show all sets.
      • Complete - Show sets at 100% completion.
      • Partial - Show sets between 1% and 99% completion.
      • Empty - Show sets at 0% completion.
    • New sorting options:
      • Current Value - Sort by current value.
      • Cost to Complete - Sort by cost to complete.
      • % Collected - Sort by % collected.

    2022-04-10 (v0.37.3)

    • Full mobile optimization pass for every site component.

    2022-04-04 (v0.37.2)

    • Fixed a bug with case-sensivity during account migration.

    2022-04-03 (v0.37.1)

    • Changed some components to use native versions on mobile! (More of these to come.)
    • Made the MTG CB beta public!

    2022-03-10 (v0.36.0)

    • Added Edit Cards page!

    2022-03-03 (v0.35.1)

    • Fixed card quantities being overriden during parallel updates.

    2022-02-20 (v0.35.0)

    • Added ability to update collection in set and collection views.

    2022-01-11 (v0.34.0)

    • Allowed mobile sidenav to close when the user presses the region outside of it.

    2022-01-09 (v0.33.0)

    • Made the site usable on mobile devices with a dozen related UI changes.
    • Reverted the browse view to default to viewing sets first.
    • Removed breadcrumbs from the top of pages -- they were just taking up space redundantly.

    2022-01-03 (v0.32.2)

    • Fixed a bug causing blank search results due to filters changing after the user navigated to a further page of a previous search. The page will properly reset back to 1 now.
    • Fixed a bug where the Collection menu item was not always active when viewing your collection.

    2022-01-02 (v0.32.1)

    • Fixed several client-side errors reported in -- viewing a table "too quickly" would cause a crash if data weren't available for it yet.

    2022-01-01 (v0.32.0)

    • Fixed a bug where unique cards completed weren't being calculated properly on the Set collection view.
    • Made it clearer which pages are still not yet implemented.
    • Corrected percentage rounding issue. (281/282 cards is 99%, not 100%.)
    • Fixed the login issue on mobile devices / WebKit browsers.
    • Changed the site and API to live on the domain.
    • Set up a redirect from the old domain to the new domain.